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Key data points - Global risks of highest concern for doing business in 2017

The following data points, drawn from the World Economic Forum’s proprietary Executive Opinion Survey (EOS), provide a unique window into global business conditions, which—among many other things—ask business respondents to identify the five biggest risks to doing business in their respective countries. This year the EOS was conducted between February and June 2017 and the question on risks to doing business was answered by 12,411 executives across 136 countries. The full worldwide responses to this question will be published in January 2018 alongside the new Global Risks Report. Take a closer look at the scale and scope of these risks, seen from three different geo-economic perspectives:

Methodology, from raw data to regional/global averages:
Calculation of the simple count of the number of responses for each risk by country. Then calculation of the share of each risk by taking the simple count of each risk and dividing it by the sample size within each country.
For the regional and global aggregation, calculation of the simple average of the share of each risk, for countries within each region. The regional averages are not weighted by population.
The EOS survey was conducted between February and June 2017. 12,411 business executives from 136 countries participated.

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