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Measuring biodiversity – how to improve the impact of carbon projects

The importance of measuring carbon projects’ impact on nature and how applying a universal metric can turn the voluntary carbon market into a formidable tool to combat climate change

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With the urgency of addressing climate change, there is a growing imperative to advance and deepen the voluntary carbon market to help companies and organizations on their journey towards net zero.

But not all carbon projects are created equal, and many of them have a negative impact on nature and biodiversity – essential pillars of any strategy to achieve environmental sustainability.

This podcast would examine the importance of nature in bringing climate change under control, survey current initiatives to measure the impact of carbon projects on biodiversity as well as what various stakeholders – from governments to NGOs and the private sector – can do to help develop robust and credible voluntary carbon markets that incorporate a metric on the wider impact of projects on nature.

This podcast will look at the importance of biodiversity to reach net zero goals, the current policy landscape, nature-based solutions available and future action required by businesses to support initiatives.

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