The ins and outs of cyber risks

The consequences of cyber risks can disrupt critical business infrastructure and derail productivity at the operational level. Here’s a complete look at where they originate, what they target and their consequences.

Cyber Risk Sources bullets

  • Human error accounts for 52 percent of cyber breaches, according to a study by CompTIA.
  • Creating resilience to cyber risks requires focus on educating and training employees.

Cyber Risk Targets bullets

  • Indirect targets of cyber encroachments are as significant as direct targets.
  • Access to financial information, for example, could put at risk the financial information of a private company that is a customer.
  • This underscores the need for a holistic view of cumulative cyber risks.

Cyber Risk Consequences bullets

  • The consequences of cyber risks are not limited to lost data.
  • Transactions can fail; supplies or products can be misdirected.
  • Manufacturing can be halted or output faulty goods; safety issues can cause injuries.
  • Dissatisfied customers can turn elsewhere.
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