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Infographic: How the next 15 years of history could unfold

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How might geopolitical risk evolve over the next 15 years?

More than 250 members of the World Economic Forum's network attended 10 workshops around the globe, where they developed three “plausible” scenarios in which geopolitical risk intensifies. These are not predictions, but plausible trajectories that can usefully challenge current thinking and serve as a call to action for the development of more adaptable and resilient response systems.

Extrapolating existing trends, the scenarios “describe how the seven driving forces of international security could interact.”

Scenario Summary
Walled Cities The world resembles medieval times, with islands of order holding back a sea of disorder.
Strong Regions After a volatile and competitive interregnum, the world of 2030 is stable with several seats of power.
Conflict & Peace The world drifts into a major war, which leads to a reworking of the global governance system.

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