People protection: Insights on empowering an agile workforce

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30% - The number of workers who think they could become jobless by automation by 2024. Read more about this and other key findings in the latest authoritative report from Zurich Insurance Group and University of Oxford who surveyed about 18,000 people across 16 countries.

Zurich Insurance Group and the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford are responding to the increasing need for agile protection of a fast-changing workforce. This is flexible insurance and associated worker protection which is provided by multiple stakeholders and tailored to individual career trajectories, addressing various transition points in working lives.

To help provide vital insights, we designed a large online survey of the working-age population in 16 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and Latin America, with responses from nearly 18,000 individuals. The results provided us with fascinating insights at both the country and global level. Preliminary observations were first presented in June 2019 (Perceptions on Protection: Surveying Workers to Build New Agile Solutions).

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In today’s report, we take a more comprehensive look at the results of the survey and analyzed what they mean for stakeholders – including individuals, employers, policymakers and insurers.

People protection: insights on empowering an agile workforce (pdf)

People protection: insights on empowering an agile workforce - Executive Summary (pdf)

Perceptions on protection: Surveying workers to build new agile solutions. European overview. (pdf)

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